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First/Given Name(s):


Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois


Tree: Beerman

Latitude: 40.1164204, Longitude: -88.2433829


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Harrington, Carl Thomas  24 May 1912Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7463
2 Harrington, Deanah Jane  22 Jun 1924Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I11463
3 Harrington, Dolores  6 Nov 1921Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I11458
4 Harrington, Francis Benedict  20 Mar 1920Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2123
5 Harrington, George Thomas  10 Feb 1900Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7424
6 Harrington, Grace Elizabeth  24 Oct 1904Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7420
7 Harrington, James C.  9 Aug 1914Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7437
8 Harrington, Leonard "Bud" Henry  1 Feb 1913Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7462
9 Harrington, Louise Ann  26 Aug 1949Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I11466
10 Harrington, Mabel Catherine (Sister Dolores, O.S.B.)  2 Dec 1901Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7421
11 Harrington, Richard Lawrence  22 Sep 1918Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7461
12 Harrington, Timothy L.  19 Mar 1938Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I11464
13 Harrington, William Joseph  18 Mar 1907Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7418
14 Ryan, James Edmund  23 Dec 1921Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I13722
15 Ryan, John Joseph  24 Oct 1929Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I13723
16 Ryan, Margaret E.  23 Nov 1918Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I13721
17 Sullivan, Arthur  4 May 1885Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2802
18 Sullivan, Bertram Paul  30 May 1894Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2805
19 Sullivan, Francis George  21 Feb 1883Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2801
20 Sullivan, John Edward  31 May 1873Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2797
21 Sullivan, Joseph Cornelius  10 May 1886Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2803
22 Sullivan, Julia Catherine  16 Oct 1890Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2804
23 Sullivan, Margaret  12 Feb 1879Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2799
24 Sullivan, Mary Ellen (Minnie)  27 Mar 1875Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2215
25 Sullivan, Thomas James  30 Mar 1877Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2798
26 Sullivan, William Patrick  7 Feb 1881Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2800
27 Sullivan, Winona Rose  30 May 1894Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2806


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cain, Mary Ellen  17 Jul 1886Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2225
2 Ducey, Joan T.  6 Oct 2007Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I11468
3 Early, Patrick  20 Feb 1878Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2224
4 Eddy, Genevieve  Jun 1997Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7425
5 Gunn, Andrea  12 May 2021Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I13273
6 Harney, Margaret  18 Jan 1916Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2219
7 Harrington, Carl Thomas  24 May 1912Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7463
8 Harrington, Deanah Jane  1 Dec 1925Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I11463
9 Harrington, Louise Ann  19 Feb 1957Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I11466
10 Harrington, Thomas E. Sr.  8 Aug 2012Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I11462
11 Harrington, Thomas Lawrence  5 May 1942Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2214
12 Johnson, John George  14 Mar 1957Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2809
13 Kerns, Amelia  12 Sep 1943Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2810
14 McQuaid, John  18 Jan 1965Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2811
15 Murphy, Gerald H.  31 May 1986Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I13257
16 Smith, Martha E.  Nov 1979Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I7423
17 Sullivan, Arthur  1885Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2802
18 Sullivan, Bertram Paul  1894Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2805
19 Sullivan, Francis George  1894Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2801
20 Sullivan, John Edward  25 Mar 1935Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2797
21 Sullivan, Julia Catherine  10 Sep 1950Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2804
22 Sullivan, Margaret  14 Feb 1957Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2799
23 Sullivan, Mary Ellen (Minnie)  31 Jul 1937Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2215
24 Sullivan, Patrick  2 Jan 1923Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2222
25 Sullivan, Winona Rose  19 Jun 1976Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois I2806


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bach / Smith  1937Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F5963
2 Edwards / Holland  29 Sep 1927 (app)Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F6146
3 Harrington /   11 Jun 1937Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F2808
4 Harrington / Nelson  20 Sep 1916Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F2805
5 Harrington / Smith  11 May 1923Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F2801
6 Ryan / Sullivan  1917Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F959
7 Sullivan / Early  11 Apr 1872Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F731


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Harrington / Shuck  19 May 1941Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F2798
2 Harrington / Smith  21 Mar 1931Champaign, Champaign Co., Illinois F2801
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